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Yeah, I'm one of the Na'vi :p

Hmm… Here goes.

Panashe Michael Ngwerume aka Anphase is a Computer Systems Engineering student based in Auckland, New Zealand. He’s very passionate about all sorts of technology. Plans to rule the world.



Email: anphase (at) hotmail (dot) com



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  1. STiLL says:

    Hello anaphase,
    please tell us how was your meeting with Samsung?

    cheers STiLL

  2. tim says:

    Regarding Java, will Samsung update to runtime 2.0?


  3. Kev says:

    I have installed all the apps and demos. They have installed but will not run.

    I have 18910 XXIF2 Cust/i8910POFIFI
    any ideas?

  4. How much money this Chris guy paid you? You got bought by those nice flattery words??? or it was the Tie and suite?

  5. Jatt says:


    will the update be coming to New Zealand aswell

    thankz for ur work

  6. Vikas says:

    Hello, Anphase, I am a regular follower of your blog after buying my omnia hd a couple of months back. and I became a fan of you after seeing your efforts in enlightening the i8910 community and waking up Samsung

    You write a lot of valuable posts which if made on a seperate website would rank very high on search engines and would generate revenue through ads

    I am a techie and I can set up a dynamic website and host it for you. I am an expert in search engine optimisation and can bring up the site to the top in a few days and can improve the page rank. Can we enter a partnership where we can share the revenue from ads we get. I will take care of building a solid website and hosting all the website needs. we can probably transfer these posts too there if needed.
    If my idea interests you, please mail to the above mentioned mail id: myenggadmin [at] gmail dot com.

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